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October 2015

What's New?

Last call to sign up for the PMSH School Directory. Be sure to add the information you would like shared in the directory in our lobby. Copies will be available at Parent Education Night.

Parent Education Night is Thursday - October 8 @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm (no children please)

Don't miss an opportunity to win dinner for two on PMSH Parent's Night Out.

*parents must be present to win

Picture Day is Monday - October 12 - students who do not attend regularly on Monday's are welcome to join us for picture day, please arrive at 11am for individual portraits and stick around for the classroom portrait as well.

Fall Outing- Save the date - Sunday- October 25 (details to follow)

Halloween Parade - Oct 30 2:30pm - 3:15pmThe parade will take place in our rear school yard. Please plan to arrive by 2:30 sharp.

Please take time to read the monthly newsletter and other school communications in their entirety.

Montessori Prep

It's great to see the friendships forming in the first few weeks of school! The children have started to adapt to the school routine and learn their way around the classroom. We have learned the color red and the number one so far and we are trying to remember that when we finish with our work we have to put it in the appropriate basket or shelf. All the kids love to read books and listen to songs. They are really enjoying school. Please remember to send clothes for the current weather. Hope to see you all at the Back to School Night!

Ms. Ruth


Wow! It’s hard to believe we have been in school almost a month. While we have switched gears from a bit older room to a younger room it has gone really smoothly.

The children are all adjusting nicely to our routine and absolutely love circle time. During circle we learn the weather with our Willy Bear “Aka Willy-Will” who we help dress appropriately for the day. The children love to take turns dressing him. We love singing songs and doing flannel board stories. The children are learning each other’s name as we sing our good morning song daily.

Then it’s off to work and art time. The children are doing great in all areas. Practical life is a favorite with sorting apples, spooning popcorn and folding cloths.

This month we are working on expressing ourselves to friends (sharing – “my turn”), talking about feelings, learning about the color red, circles, and apples. We learned an apple song, cut open an apple to see a star, and did apple printing and enjoyed applesauce we made in a crock pot. Delicious!

Every month we enjoy music and gym class as well.

We hope to see you at Back to School Night Thurs. Oct 8 6:30-8 to learn more about our room.

Ms. Kim & Ms. Anne Marie

Primary I & II

Our first month of school has flown by in a flash! The primary class has done a fabulous job adjusting to the school schedule. Transitions are gradually becoming smoother and the class is showing more independence each day..

We have been learning about apples and exploring them in many areas of the classroom. We read a story of a little red house that had no windows or doors and a star inside. It was an apple of course. The children were very interested to see the star inside our apples. We cut them in half and found the star. We also discussed the parts of the apple and how they related to the life cycle of an apple. We traced the path and investigated how an apple becomes a delicious and healthy fruit. Once finished seeing the insides, we used the apple halves and pieces for apple printing crafts.

We have been using non-edible apples in other areas of our classroom. We have been counting, sorting, tonging, spooning, and comparing apples. We place them in order according to size and color also.

This month we want to wish Benjamin a happy birthday. We look forward to October birthdays and celebrating with our walk around the sun and our special birthday song.

Next month we will be learning about fire safety, helpers in our community, Halloween and Fall. We will start to observe the changing weather and how it influences nature.

We appreciate you labeling your child’s containers, jackets, and belongings. It is a tremendous help when getting things back to their owners.

Ms. Marybeth, Ms. Terri and Ms. Janell

What's Up Next

October will bring school wide activities around these themes: Community Helpers, Fire Safety Month and Halloween.

Looking Ahead


-25th 11:30am early dismissal

-25th parent/teacher conference

-26th & 27th Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday