This Week at AES

5/9 - 5/13

Testing Season is Here!

This week I was working with a group of teachers and we were discussing MAP scores and next week's test. Their first concern was over the MAP scores. "Our students can do better than this." "What did we do wrong?" and my favorite "Is the superintendent going to come and shoot us down with his laser beam eyes?" Their next concern was next week's KPREP test. "How do we make sure that these kids try their hardest each day of the test?"

We spent some time talking about these concerns and I want to share with you my largest points.

1. MAP is a DATA POINT, not the DATA GOD

No matter how you slice it, MAP provides a great point of reference in terms of a students performance. It is not indicative of a student's performance with the Common Core Standards, nor is the sole or major indicator of your performance.

2. We have a responsibility to provide best practice instruction that allows us to teach to the depth of Common Core

Love it or Hate it, Common Core is ours. This year you have adopted and implemented numerous best practice strategies that will ensure that students will get to the depth of Common Core. The downside is that those strategies may not yield the "Feel Good" points that we are used to on MAP. MAP is a skills based performance assessment; Want to increase MAP Scores......SKiLL and DRILL. Using that method will NEVER get you to the instructional depth for Common Core

3. Plan, Prepare, Expect

All year you have planned for students' success on KPREP, you have prepared them with outstanding instruction, now it is time to expect success. The only thing under your control next week is the environment. Providing a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment is essential. Pat students on the back, give them fist bumps, and high 5's. They will do great!

4. You guys Rock!

The last thing I shared with this group is that I could not be more proud of how you guys have responded to the needs of our building. You have stepped up in a big way which is a testament to you as individuals and your dedication to our students. Jimmy Lyddane has said for months now that the instructional level at Audubon is that of a Distinguished School. Thank you for dedicating and sacrificing so much this year. You guys ROCK!

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This Week at a Glance


$2 Jean Day for today has been moved to Wednesday, May 18th.

Running Club


Staff Meeting: No Planned Meeting


K to Riverpark and Library


PTO Coke Sale Pick-up


K Fundraiser Celebration

Notes for the Week

No Guidance this Week

This is Audubon Spirit Week. You can wear jeans each day that you wear Audubon attire.