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September 2020

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Can One Word Really Mean That Much?!?!

As we start the school year, spending some time thinking POSITIVE thoughts about the school year can go a long way!

Are you looking forward to meeting and seeing FRIENDS?

Do you want to SHARE with others your great ideas?

How does it make you feel when you CREATE something you are PROUD of?

Do you think you might come across some situations that you can show your


Is it important to you to find ways to GROW and HELP others?

We know that when we try to get BETTER at something, we feel ACCOMPLISHED!

What ONE WORD might you want to describe you and this school year?


Please Click Below to see how, together, we can all pick ONE WORD for this school year!

What's your one word?
One Word For Kids Reading Jimmy Page

One Word Flip Grid

Hi Havel Hawks, if you had to pick ONE WORD to describe your school year...what would it be? Share it below using FlipGrid :) Parents, your child can access FlipGrid from their OFFICE 365 account under ALL APPS OR You download the app on your phone. You can use your child's username and password to login. If you would like to login as a guest, please use the password: havel1word. Record a Response :)


Our Havel teachers will be taking attendance first thing in the morning and right after lunch daily. If your child will be absent and missing live instruction, please call the absence into the office at 586-797-5299..

School Hours

Our school hours were slightly adjusted for the 2020-2021 school year.

Start Time- 9:10 am

End Time- 4:00 pm

Remote Learning Tips

  • Create a space for learning with everything your child needs.
  • Display daily schedules on a white board, chalk board, or poster board. (Younger students: write the schedule for them. Older students: make them responsible for writing out their schedule.)

  • Remove distractions ( Younger students: stay away from the television, games, etc. Older students: put phones and social media away.)
  • Time management (Younger students: use timers to help them know when to start/stop activities. Older students: teach them how to set alarms for every class period.)
  • Have a set routine that students follow during school days (go to bed early, wake up on time, eat breakfast, etc.)

  • Change of scenery: weather permitting, take learning outside every once in awhile. (Check with teacher!)

  • Recognizing a job well done: play their favorite game with them, take a walk to the park, stickers, etc.

iPad Introduction Kindergarten - First Grade
Elementary Laptop Introduction
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