Comet News

September 14th-21st, 2022 Vol. 12, Issue 3

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The Comet Student Perspective

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Eggceptional Events with Ms. Denowh

Students in Ms. Denowh's Vet Science class, Myria Nolan (pictured left) and Jacob Medina (pictured right), hold the first APS homegrown eggs laid on Monday, September 12th from the school's chickens. The chickens hatched last spring in an incubator at the school and were taken care of by Jen Peterson over the summer months.

The chickens were re-welcomed home to their APS coop this fall. The entire process promotes career readiness and life skills for high school students interested in veterinary science or agricultural career fields.

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Humpty Dumpty Visits Ms. Geltel's Class

On Thursday, September 9th Ms. Geltel's Kindergarten class (pictured above) had a special visitor stop by to tell his story about falling off a wall. Humpty Dumpty, played by our very own Alexander Elementary Principal, Mr. Allard, re-enacted the series of events for all to enjoy.
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Patten's Projects

Ms. Patten's 6th grade class (pictured above) wrapped up a social studies unit on ancient civilizations and adaptations by working together in small groups to design villages. Students used poster board and Google Slides to present projects on September 7th and 8th to fellow students and staff.

This project encouraged collaborative communication and technology application. According to Patten, "Their projects were pretty good for their first group presentation. The class learned a lot and how to laugh at their mistakes." Students will continue to build upon presentation skills throughout the school year with more projects at the end of various units.

Sid and Veterans visit Irwin's 5th Grade Classroom

On Tuesday, September 6th, guest speakers Sid and Carol Moore visited Miss Irwin’s 5th grade class (students pictured reading above). Sid read the book "Major a Soldier Dog" by Trevor Jones. The book was about a war dog, "Major" that served in the military during World War II.

One of the other main characters, "Sid" was a 5-year old boy from Wahpeton, ND. Sid is actually based on the real Sid Moore who now lives in Watford City. Sid and his wife, Carol, have spent most of their lives in the military serving our country. They shared many experiences with class about the places they traveled and hardships they encountered.

Additional area army veterans, Carrie Carson and Tammy Wilson, also shared their stories. The class learned both women served in Germany and knew how to drive a tank. The class wants to thank all speakers for sharing their experiences and all veterans for their service to our country.