Technological Advances

of the 1920's

The Television

The television was invented by Vladimir Sworkykin. There were trial runs for the television in 1927. In 1925 Zworykin applied for a patent for color television, but he received little support. By 1928 General Electric was attempting the actual open-air broadcasting of such images. Bell Labs demonstrated a color-television prototype in 1929, a year after the British developed theirs.

The Telephone

The first completely automatic switching office was established in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1921. Also in 1921, the first deep sea telephone cable was laid between Florida and Cuba. In 1926 American telephone transmitters and receivers were first placed in the same unit.

Many other things were invented in the 1920's such as the radio, the airplane and the automobile

The people of the 1920's were amazed by all off the new inventions