Bigger, Better, Stronger

Health Benefits

They will have a longer shelf life.

They will be better for us because they bear a higher nutritional content.

They will also be safer to eat.

Farmers produce GM crops using fewer pesticides and fertilizers.

Finally a way to Feed our Population

GMOs will offer our best chance to conquer the challenge of feeding the doubled population within 50 years. GM crop farming holds out greater ways to boost production on the same amount of ground as natural farms.

Completely Natural

Genetic modification couldn't be more natural, geneticists say. Plants (and animals) genetically modify themselves all the time. That's the basis of evolution.

Our manipulation of a single mustard species has generated such diverse vegetables as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Modern GM methods are simply more precise, scientists stress. GM procedures are also much faster. In months or years, molecular scientists can accomplish the same degree of alteration that might have taken Nature millions of years to achieve.