By: John Langhorst

The Crystal Structure of Graphite

Graphite has an unusual crystalline structure. It is made up of a stack of one-atom-thick sheets of carbon atoms, bonded tightly together into a hexagonal pattern in each sheet, but with only very weak attractions--much weaker than actual chemical bonds--holding the sheets together.

Where You Find Graphite

Graphite can be found throughout the world, but is found more abundantly in China.

Does Graphite have Cleavage or Fracture

Graphite has perfect cleavage, but you can't see it with the common eye. You have to look at it with a microscope.

How You Collect Graphite

To collect graphite as a raw substance there would have to be a mine into the earth to find the graphite. Then you would have to mix it with the other materials to make it into the graphite mixture in a pencil.

How Much is Graphite Worth

Graphite is worth between $0.50 and $4 a kilogram depending on the quality of the graphite.