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all the info you need to said YES to R+F!

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Company Highlights

Rodan + Fields is currently the #1 Premium Skincare Brand across all channels in all of North America. We are also the FASTEST growing Skincare brand in the US since 2010.

We exceeded $1 Billion in revenue in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 and are growing at over 80% annually. Our competitors and big name brands are growing in single digits.

With a revenue of nearly $2 Billion in 2018, R+F still only has under 10% of the entire market.

Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are the most well-known names in dermatology worldwide and were recently ranked 2 of the top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of the decade.

-Fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology

-Active practices in San Francisco, CA

-Called the, “Dermatological Dream Team” by Women’s Health Magazine

Our Products

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Rodan + Fields has products for everyone! Our doctors work hard to bring the most innovative products to market that exceed expectations. They run clinical trials on all products, and regimens and truly stand by their word .. RESULTS!

Our main Skincare Regimens are:

REDEFINE For the Appearence of Lines, Pores + Loss of Firmness
REVERSE For Dullness + Discoloration
SOOTHE For Sensitive Skin
UNBLEMISH For Adult Acne
SPOTLESS For Teen & Young Adult Acne

Find your perfect skincare routine HERE

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What will I be doing?

This business is based on a simple concept and designed to run around busy lives and schedules. Most of us start our business a few hours a week around a full time career or families or both. We are “brand ambassadors”, not sales people. It's easy to share things you love right? We are doing it all the time with the movies see, restaurants we visit, hotels we stay at, & favorite Netflix series! The difference is, now you will be making "share money" for talking about and sharing this incredible skincare!

What makes us different?

▪ Proven track record and success in high end retail, formerly sold in Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and other high end department stores.
▪ Our business is NOT based around home "parties"
▪ No inventory to stock
▪ No shipping or delivering, all orders are placed online and R+F delivers and handles.
▪ Rodan + Fields in known for their innovation products, and being an industry disrupter. Our partnership with TPG, one of the largest private equity firms in world is unique and exciting to the direct sales industry!
▪ All geographic markets are unsaturated. We are just getting started in Australia and we have just started gaining momentum in the US and Canada. We have just launched to JAPAN in the spring of 2020!
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You are not doing this alone

You work for yourself, but not by yourself. Our company is all about empowerment and inspiration. Our team is especially supportive, collaborative, and encouraging! Our Vision is to bring dermatological-grade products/tools to the masses and have fun along the way!

With us you will learn social media strategies, a duplicatable system for how to introduce the opportunity to your friends, daily training, and access to our team account for personal development! We believe in dreaming bigger, growing belief in yourself, and creating the life you love!

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How do we get paid?

▪ We are paid commission and retail profits on products that are purchased off our sites.
▪ Additional incentives: Mercedes Car Program, Expense paid luxury trips (Napa Valley, Hawaii, Mexico, French Riviera, and more).
▪ Cash Bonuses and Luxury Swag and Gifts like designer bags, jewelry, etc.
▪ If you choose to grow a team, you are expanding your reach and income opportunities. I like to compare it to opening franchises. Think of the most popular coffee chain. The more locations they have selling coffee, the more customers they have, and their income expands. That is how this works too, when you have more friends sharing skincare, you are growing customers, and income. You will earn commission helping them become successful. You may not know very many people, but you may have one person join you who knows EVERYONE! Growing a team is really smart, and incredibly rewarding!
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How do you get started?

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It's easier than ever to start as a consultant! You can start for as low as $85 CAD with our Business Starter Pack!

The Rodan + Fields Business Starter Pack empowers you to jumpstart your R+F Journey by providing you with business-building tools and samples designed to help you introduce the R+F brand to prospective Customers and team members and set your business up for success.

Your Business Starter Pack includes:

  • Getting Started Business Guide (1)
  • Product Guides (5)
  • Share R+F Flyers (5)
  • Samples:
    • Give It a Glow (5)
    • Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid (5)
    • Bright Eye Complex (5)
    • Active Hydration Serum (5)
    • Active Hydration Body Replenish (5)
  • Free Gift

Learn more about the Business Starter Pack HERE

Earn cash bonuses, exclusive training and free products with our Ignite Program in the very beginning of your business! I know what you are thinking, are these bonuses possible for me? I am here to say YES, absolutely! With consistency, time, and locking arms together, you can be an Ignite Achiever!

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Is this right for me?

The short answer is "YES!" This is for EVERYONE that has a reason "why".

▪ What could extra income do for you?

▪ What could more time do for you and your life?

It could be an additional income for you. Or it could be that you want to be a part of an incredible community. Or maybe you just want something for yourself. Whatever it is, there is room for you to grow and succeed with R+F!

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What do you feel like is your next step in exploring this exciting journey?

Let's connect and answer any other questions you might have, I am excited to see if this could be a good fit for your life too!

Reach out to the consultant who sent you this to have a chat. This business is gift and we want you to know that we don't want anything FROM you... we want something FOR you. It's blessed our lives and we want to share this business with others.

xo, Jess & Team Aspire