Make it count.

My version.

Money for advertising.

If i got the money, i would have went on a journey. But I'm not going to different countries, i want visit the one only countri - Japan.

Why i chose Japan.

Japan - an amazing country, of course, after Russia.

Japan - the citadel of history and tradition. But at the same time, Japan is the cradle of the future and technology.

However, it is inexpressible the spirit of old and Japanese traditions beckon me there.

Total time delays of trains in Japan for 2012 was 8 seconds.

My plan

The first thing I will visit Mount Fuji, because it is holy for all Japanese mountain. And as inalienable attribute of Japan.

And then I moved into an old Japanese village. And for the remaining time would have tried to comprehend world and the Japanese samurai.

Japan last empire in the world. And when that Japan had the great warriors. And would love to see them and learn their art, as almost equal to the art of our homeland.

The idea of advertising.

The main thing in a man is his spirit, so it should be protected and promoted.