Should Teens Take a Gap Year?

By: Natalia Mindowicz

What is a gap year and should teens take it?

A gap year is a break between high school and college that lasts from 6 months up to a year. And if given the opportunity, a teen should take it. A gap year allows teens to figure out their career choice without being pressured. It also lets students take a break from learning, or, if they wanted to, take extra academic courses or take on a job.

Figure Out a Career Choice

What if you haven't figured out what to do with your life yet and college is just weeks away? There is nothing to worry about, you can just take a gap year. A gap year is a great opportunity to find out what you're good at and what fascinates you. It's a time to dig deeper into your interests. During your time away get an internship to get hands on experience at your dream job. And if it isn't what you have bargained for, you still have time to figure something else out. You shouldn't be forced into studying something that you know you don't want to do. Not only does a gap year allow you to find yourself, it motivates students to go to college and take school work and studies more seriously.
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Take a Breather

Everybody deserves a break from education. Even though learning expends our knowledge, too much of it isn't healthy. Academic expectations and the stress they put on students are considered one of the top 10 causes of depression. A break from something that can cause you harm is well needed. Why would anyone want to stress themselves over exams while they could be traveling the world? You could explore new cultures and just have fun. The enjoyable experience will give your brain a little breathing time and actually let you enjoy and celebrate finishing the four hard years of high school.

Get Involved

If you already have a career path chosen and traveling isn't your thing, you can still take a gap year. There's probably a ton of things you can do for your community. Volunteering will not only boost your college application, but it will also be a great addition to job resumes in the future. Taking academic courses is also an option. If you're not happy with your high school GPA you can bring it up by taking classes during your time off. It will increase your chances of getting into a better college. Classes and keeping yourself alive can get pretty expensive, so another thing you could do is get a job. Having a job will teach you responsibility, give you experience, and you will be able to help pay for your own education.

In Conlusion

Students should take the opportunity to have a gap year between high school and college. It allows them to figure out their career paths, take a breather from learning, or enhance their knowledge. It is a way to start your college experience on a positive foot.

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