A Guide to Bunburying

By: Kyle Miller

Why Would You Want to Bunbury?

Bunburying allows you to live a double life. therefore you can live a normal life and you can have a life filled with adventure and excitement.

Things that would need to be done

Some steps that would have to be taken are that you would need to have separate identities, have everything secret, and change appearance.

Step One

The first thing you will do is get two different identities. Have a normal identities, which would be your real identity. Next is your second identity, which will need to be a made up identity. This is necessary so no one can find out who you are.

Step Two

Have everything from the two lives secret. Don't have any information just laying around. Bunburying requires you to have secrets. Don't let anyone know about your bunburying, because it could cause the wrong person to find out.

Step Three

Step three is to have two different appearances. You need to have the two different appearances so that no one will recognize you from your other life. Have your regular appearance and your second appearance as different look, like including a fake mustache.

Some Problems You Could Run Into

1) Someone could find out about your second identity. Which could cause for your bunburying to fall apart.

2) You could forget which identity you are at the moment. Which can make people suspect and wander if you bunbury.

3) Someone could recognize you. THis could cause everything to fall apart and ruin your bunbuying.

How to Avoid These Problems

1) Don't tell anyone about you bunburying, and keep all information separate. This will keep people from knowing that you live a double life.

2) Always make a list so That you don't forget who you are.

3) Don't go near the place where your other identity lives. This will keep from people recognizing you and will make so it doesn't all fall apart.