Cookie Science School Enrichment

*NEW* York County Extension 2022

The tastiest answer to, "why?"

If you ever wonder why one batch of cookies turned out one way and not the same again, or why you even add salt to cookies - this is the enrichment lesson for you. During this lesson (which requires access to an oven OR two sessions), youth take a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, make some alterations, and try to uncover how those changes alter the overall make-up of the cookie.

Youth will be able to:

  • Follow a recipe to create a cookie.
  • Develop an alteration to the original recipe to test.
  • Analyze the changes that happened between the variable and control cookies.
  • Discuss the science behind cooking and the ingredients.

Lesson Time Frames

1 - one-hour session in a kitchen setting (access to an oven or multiple)

2 - 45 minute consecutive sessions in a traditional classroom setting

  • 1st session will be discussing how to create a cookie/follow a recipe. This will be followed up by adapting a recipe to add variables.
  • 2nd session will be evaluating cookies - baked outside of the classroom - and determining what those changes did to the cookies.


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