Pay It Forward

By Madison Sampson Brown

Pay It Forward

I love the world so much! Do you love the world as much as I do? You clearly don’t if you're not being helpful, caring, making good choices, and doing good deeds.You might not do it but the world is special, and when everyone pitches in once in awhile you're going to make the world even more special! Do you know what Pay It Forward or another words Krama. Well it means kinda like a train. It keeps going different places but it always comes back! You see if you do good deeds, and help out people, and mostly everything you’re paying it forward! And the the feeling feels happy, fantasist!

I always try to pay it forward but sometimes I don’t. When you see someone down, or sad that is a perfect way to pay it forward! You can draw them a picture, or play with them at reecese. Do whatever you can to make them smile. Again just try your best! Well I did something for my mom last night. My mom had a very bad day at work so to help her out I cleaned the whole house for her and when she came home she turn her bad day into a happy day.

Even at school you can even pay it forward there too! You know what I did there? I help a girl because she drop all of her stuff and if I didn’t help her she would have been late for class. Also a lot of people at my school are not shutting their lockers so I took my time and shut all of them just to pay it forward.

Do you see why you should pay it forward? The world is more special when everyone tries to pay it forward, and try to do nice things once a while. I’m not saying when you have a bad day you have to be pay it forward but if someone drops something you can least be nice and pick it up for them. I am trying to pay it forward! So I want to changlening you to be kind, nice, generosity, help out, and Pay It Forward!

Can You Do It?

inspired by clear creek 4th grade teachers/2013/
Kindness (Pay it Forward)