Terracotta Army

By: Brandon Jauregui

What was the Terracotta Army?

The clay army of Qin Shi huangdi was an army of clay statues meant to resemble the real life army called the Terraccota army.Which was a very brutal army. About 7,000 soldiers are thought to exist.But 2,000 soldiers have been unearthed, and amazingly so far no two look the same.That means none of the statues faces look the same.The army includes men of all different ages.Qin shi huangdi's army was said to be a million strong.

Why were they made

Right now,it is unknown why the statues were made.There is many different thoughts though.Some historians believe they were made to show the armys greatness and Qins power.Scientists believe aliens made Qin to make it(not many).Then probably some people think Qin made them because he was bored.But those people have no clue.


More Info


The workers put a lot of work into each statue.It took 700,000 workers to build all of the statues.The horses were based off of mongolian ponies,not very big,but muscular and full of power.The weapons the warriors are carrying are made of bronze.The army was buried with Qin Shi huangdi in 210 B.C.

what happend to the Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is now in a museum in china. The museum is big but only contains three displays. The army, some art, and Ancient artifacts. The museum is on a large mountain, with 700 steps. It costs $20 for adults $10 for elders and kids. There are small stores on each side of the stairway. It took 1 week to move the statues into the building.
The Terra-Cotta Warriors