Mrs. Zickert

Kindergarten - Deerfield Elementary School

September 1-4, 2015

This week was spent focusing on school and classroom rules and learning our new routine. We read many great stories including those from the David series. We have been practicing have "model Mickey" bodies at school---listening ears, looking eyes, quiet mouths, helping hands, walking feet. I encourage you to reinforce this behavior at home and celebrate green and pink days for your child!

Check out the Deerfield Community Schools Facebook page for pictures of what's happening in Kindergarten!

Our theme the next few weeks will be butterflies/insects/caterpillars!

Please remember to return the paperwork you received at open house.

Field trip fees are due on the 16th.

If you have not done so already, please remember to send a snack for our snack cabinet. The snack is shared daily among the class. Please send enough for 20 students.

Reading / Phonics / Popcorn Words

We have begin our Jolly Phonics series and have introduced letters Ss and Aa. We have been practicing finding the sounds in words (beginning, middle and end). We have learned that letter Aa is a vowel and we call it the "glue" because it usually sticks the beginning and ending sounds together. Vowels are usually found in the middle of words.

We have also begun our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. More information will follow!

Math Skills

Will begin next week!

Classroom Helpers...


Teacher Assistant:



Snack helper:


Line Leader:

Star Of The Week

No star this week!
Stay tuned for a new star next week...

What's Coming Up In Kindergarten...

September 7--no school
September 23--Early Release