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At Handcrafted Beauty all of our products are created by hand in a home kitchen. We use only the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. We're all about handcrafting products with simple ingredients that deliver complex benefits. We never use synthetic dyes, fragrances, or chemicals, and we never test on animals.

If this is your first time using all-natural products, we wanted to share a few pointers with you!

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Shelf Life

We do not use any preservatives, which means our products have a shelf life. All products (with the exception of Rose Water Toner) should be discarded 9 months from today. The Rose Water Toner should be tossed out in 6 months. You are going to love it so much there is no way you will have any left by then!


Temperatures above 76 degrees and below 60 degrees can affect the consistency of the product, but not the integrity. If you notice oil settling at the top of the jar, just gently shake or stir it back in. This is totally normal.

Water Does Not Mix

It only seems natural to dig into Erase Paste and After Glow with damp hands to remove the product. However, because we do not use any stabilizers or preservatives, standing water in the containers can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure your hands are dry or use a scoop to remove contents.

Batches May Differ

We source organic ingredients from all over. Just like no two apples are identical, neither are the ingredients we purchase. Time of year and climate may create slight variations in the ingredients, which may create subtle differences in the products. Also, the fact that we make everything by hand is another variable. We do our very best to follow our recipes exactly, but a little extra pinch can create variations. These differences will be very minor, and this is what makes Handcrafted Products such a beautiful labor of love. Machines and chemicals create consistency; humans and Mother Nature do not.

Product Spotlight: Daily Moisturizing Oil

Our Daily Moisturizing Oil is made from a unique blend of fruit and nut oils that have been infused with powerful herbs to heal and soothe skin. No matter if you are oily or dry, this is the perfect product for you. Deeply hydrating and never greasy, the Daily Moisturizing Oil is one of our favorite products! If you have not tried it already, then make sure to grab some on your next order.

We know you are going to love your products!

Natural products may be a bit different than the commercial products you are used to. Let this be a welcomed change! Not only are you using products that are safe, but they are effective as well.

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