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Volume 1, Issue 22 December 12, 2022

Teacher of the Year BVM --Mr. Kumabe

Congratulations to Mr. Kumabe who is our Teacher of the Year for the 22-23 School Year!

Quote of the Week

Spread love everywhere you go! --Mother Teresa (Indian-Albanian Catholic Nun)

Principal's Message

BVM Community,

Good morning BVM community!

Good morning! BVM students this week, please make sure that you are getting plenty of rest and remember to be focused as you take your end-of-course exams that help demonstrate your level of mastery in each course. Depending on your teacher, he or she will have different deadlines on when any late work can be turned in before final grades are submitted this Thursday. Therefore, students make sure to communicate with your teacher's directly if you have any questions.

Also, I know that the week of finals can also be very stressful. Therefore, if you need to talk to someone on campus, please make sure to notify either one of your teachers, counselors, or administrators. We are here to help you and work with you. Please let us know and you can always contact me via Jupiter Grades or in person!

This week we are on a minimum-day schedule Monday - Friday. The last bell at the end of each day will ring at 12:50. Here is a link to this week's schedule:

Although our last day of the semester is on Friday, December 16th, please know that I will be available the following week should you have any questions or concerns that you need to communicate. Email is probably the best way to communicate, feel free to contact me directly at

Lastly, please remember to review the 4 Essential Rules at Bonita Vista Middle School that allow us to not only promote our safety on campus, but it allows us to ensure that our students are fully present and ready to learn:

1. No Cell Phones on Campus: We ask that all students placed their cell phones in their backpacks once they are at school and on our campus. We not only enforce this rule during class time but especially during nutrition breaks and lunchtime. We want our students to interact with each other as much as possible as opposed to being on their screens/phones.

2. No IPAD Misuse: Every student is issued an IPAD for educational purposes only. We ask students to use their devices strictly as implements of learning.

3. No Earbuds: Similar to our cell phone rule, we ask that once students are at school and on our campus, they place their earbuds in their backpacks. We have noticed that students are less distracted in class and engage more with each other when they are not using earbuds.

4. No Hoodie (worn on head): Students can wear hooded sweatshirts but in order to be able to identify our students at all times, we ask students not to wear their hoods over their heads. This rule is in place for student safety. Should a non-student sneak onto our campus, we would want to identify them immediately. Also, we need to ensure during class and outside of class that students do not have their earbuds. We prioritize making sure that students are paying attention in class and our fully engaged with each other at all times.

If you ever need to report a disciplinary or safety concern, please make sure to report any and all concerns to our administrative team. Please visit this link to contact our assistant principals:

Please also feel free to email me if you have any comments, questions, or concerns at

Thank you

Dr. Salazar


Parents, if you would like to verify the actual work that was submitted:

1. Ask your student to bring you their ipad.

2. Click on the assignment from the list in Jupiter grades

3. Select the assignment submitted and choose view.

*Please see the photos attached. The work does not disappear. It remains submitted even after the teacher views and evaluates the work.

Week at a Glance

Check out our week at a glance for December 12 - December 16 by clicking on the button below.

FYI Corner

Below you will find valuable information about our school!

Washington D.C Visit for International Baccalaureate Training

This past week, I had the chance to visit Washington D.C. (I'm still here and will be traveling home today) for an International Baccalaureate training session that I attended with our local high school principal, Mr. Romero. The purpose of the training was to gain a better understanding and overview of the IB program that is offered at middle schools --The Middle Years Program (MYP).

At Bonita Vista Middle School, we are continuing to explore the possibility of transforming our school into an International Baccalaureate School to align with our local High School which already offers the IB Diploma Program.

To give you some preview into this program, here is the IB Mission Statement:

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

IB accomplishes this mission by encouraging international mindedness, enriching the curriculum of each subject, the IB Learner Profiles, and the Approaches to Teaching and Learning. I have attached a document below if you'd like to learn more about what an IB education offers.

We will continue to not only explore IB for the Spring semester, but will also be communicating more information about the program to staff, students, and our community. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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BVM Spelling Bee 2022-2023 (Add the Google Class below if interested)

BVM Spelling Bee

January 25, 2030

Google Class sf6rhh2 for info and updates

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Dual Immersion Program at Bonita Vista Middle School

Did you know that we are a Dual Immersion Middle School? Please click on the button below to learn more about our program.

Acknowledgment Corner

The Acknowledgment Corner will be continued to be used to highlight and celebrate our students and staff at any opportunity that we can! If you would like your student acknowledged for something we may not be aware of, please feel free to contact me (include a picture if possible).

Crusaders of the Week --December 5 - December 9

Here are the students that we recognized for the week of December 5th - 9th!

Nominated by Ms. Caldwell, Aiden Covarrubias, Paola Hernandez, Nathan Covarrubias, Luis Feria, Alisson Duran Chavez, and Zachary Phillips. Aiden strives to maintain his 97.4% overall grade in Math. He always asks questions when he doesn't understand a problem. He is extremely polite. Paola has a 96.4% average on her quizzes. She quietly works hard and doesn't bother anyone. She works well in her team. Nathan has a 98.8% average on his homework. Whenever he receives an incomplete, he always revises it and resubmits it for full credit. He is always willing to help others in the class, even if they are not on his team. Luis has an overall average of 92.2%. He works hard to maintain his A grade. He always works quietly and never bothers anyone. He works well with other students in his team. Alisson has only missed 2 quiz questions this semester. She is phenomenal. She has a 98.3% average in the class. She is sweet as well as smart. I'm sure her team appreciates her knowledge when she helps them. Zachary works hard. He is knowledgeable and helps others in his team. He is a pleasure to have in class.

Nominated by Mr. Atwood, Danica Dela Cruz. Danica is a model student in Advanced Choir. They are always attentive, focused, and eager to learn. Danica works every day to improve her singing technique to make the group sound stronger. Danica is a shining example of hard work and being a productive citizen in class.

And nominated by Ms. Hartwell, Jeremiah Buenaflor. Jeremiah is an all-around great kid. He consistently turns in high-quality work, has a great attitude in class, and is always willing to help with anything that is needed. He is kind to his classmates and always shows respect to his teachers and peers. I am sure that the future holds great things for him.

BVM/BVHS Choral Exchange --December 5th

Thank you to all of those students who participated in the BVM/BVHS Choral Exchange last Monday! Mr. Atwood, thank you for always investing in our arts program!

Thank you to Ms. Bauer and all the students who participated in morning tutoring last week!

Bonita Vista High School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It was a momentous occasion last Wednesday, December 7th when BVHS held a ribbon-cutting ceremony! Notable attendees included our Superintended, Dr. Aguirre, our School Board Member, Dr. Arancibia, Mayor-elect, John McCann, former BVHS Football Coach, Carl Parrick, former BVHS Principal, Jeff Schaefer, most recent and former BVHS Principal, Dr. Roman Del Rosario and current BVHS Principal, Mr. Lee Romero.

Mr. Romero expressed to me that the new stadium at BVHS is for our community (BVHS/BVM) not just BVHS. I was very happy to hear that and cannot wait till our Crusaders can use the field although anytime that we attend or use their field, I will ask students and parents to pick up any trash or debris left behind!

BVHS Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Stadium 12/7/22

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year --Mr. Kumabe!!!

BVM's Winter Assembly 2022

Thank you to all of our student groups including student groups from Bonita Vista High School who were able to participate in this year's Winter Assembly! Also, thank you to Ms. Schroeder, our ASB, all of our student body, and staff for making our Winter Assembly and awesome student event!


Please make sure to check out the most updated information below about our COVID guidelines and protocols.


San Diego County Office of Education and California Department of Public Health are no longer requiring individual notifications to families for students who are close contacts. Bonita Vista Middle School will shift to providing close contact general notifications. We continue to strongly recommend that students test weekly and wear masks when indoors. To sign up for free home testing kits, please see the information below the heading: NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SDSU COVID STUDY.

National Institute of Health SDSU COVID Study

I'm happy to announce that my family and I have enrolled in this service/study through SDSU! We will be testing weekly and we will receive free at-home testing kits every month! See the QR Code below to learn how to participate! We will also receive a gift card at the end of the year! Make sure to sign up or to learn more information see below!


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