Nicodemus Immigrant Group

they lived in tennessee and kentucky by Derrik and Nate

Who where the Nicodemus

The Nicodemus was an immigrant group from Kentucky and Tennessee. they wanted to come to Kansas to be free. So they got out of Africa and came to Kansas. They also broke the law by escaping from Africa.

Where did they come from? Where did they settle in kansas?

The Nicodemus group came from Kentucky and Tennessee. The Nicodemus group settled in western Kansas. They wanted to have a better life. Also it was not easy for the African Americans.

Why did thay leave there home land? Why did they come to kansas

They wanted to leave slavery because of the war. They came to Kansas to own the land. Also they left because of the war. Last they came to Kansas because they wanted a easy life.

What did thay find when they came to kansas?

when they came to Kansas they found few trees and barely any water and animals. They did not like the western Kansas. They Did not like the ground because it could not grow crops. And they did not like that it did not have much water.

When did they come to kansas?

They came to Kansas in 1877. They also came to Kansas to get away from the war. they came to Kansas because of there home land. Also they wanted better land.