By: Morgan Hand & Graci Campuzano

What is Albinism?

Albinism is a genetic disorder where people are born without pigments (color) in there body. This is caused when there is a mutation in DNA and it is also inheritied. It does not only affect people but also plants and animals. Albinism was discovered by Sir Archibald Edward Garrod.


The symptoms for Albinism are an absence of color in skin, hair, and eyes. More symptoms are crossed eyes, sensitivity to light, involuntary rapid eye movements, and blindness.

The Systems it affects

This genetic disorder affects the immune system while also giving you complications in bleeding, your lungs, and the bowel. If you have Albinism there is no cure.
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Punnett Square

This is a punnett square showing the possibility of producing an albino kid, plant, or animal.