Summers' Scoop

January 11, 2016

Multiplication Quizzes

We have started our mixed multiplication quizzes where students have four minutes to complete 25 mixed facts. There will not be an opportunity to retake mixed quizzes if students get a poor grade, but there is an opportunity to exempt quizzes. If students make an A for three consecutive weeks, meaning that they only miss one answer or none, then they can decide if they would like to skip taking the quiz for the next two weeks. Students may decide that they would like to take the quiz to bring up any lower quiz grades. I will let students know when they are able to exempt.

Changes to the SC Book Award Nominee Review

Paper forms have now replaced the online review forms. Paper forms can be picked up from the library or you can print your own here. One form must be completed for each book. Once students have reached a reading goal (5 books), they are to show their paper forms to Mrs. Matney or Mrs. Bootle to receive a prize. Five reviews must be shown at once, not individually.

Math Update

Our class will move on to Chapter 7 in Math this week. This will be another one on multiplication and division patterns. We will be combining some lessons as we move through this chapter. Last week, students noticed that they needed to be able to successfully answer their basic multiplication facts in order to complete more advanced math problems, such as 7x30 or 9x60. Please continue to practice basic facts on a daily basis.

ELA Update

This week in ELA, we are moving on to author's point of view. Students will be able to identify an author's point of view on a topic, then decide if they share the author's point of view or not. I am looking forward to some interesting discussions this week! We will continue to read nonfiction articles and use our knowledge of nonfiction text features during this unit.

Our class will continue our grammar study this week as we learn about the difference between action verbs (run, jump, dance) and linking verbs (is, are, was). We will continue to talk about nouns and adjectives as well.

There will not be a spelling unit of study this week or next week, since these are both short weeks.

Science Update

We are moving on to a new topic of study this week - matter! Chapter 6 in our Science Textbook is a long one all about matter. This will be our last unit of study together before we start switching classes with Mrs. Starkey to learn more about life science.

Social Studies Update

Students have enjoyed learning about the events, such as the stamp act, tea act, and intolerable acts, that led up to the American Revolution. We did a fun activity last week where students were able to have a deeper understanding of "taxation without representation." Ask your child if they played the role of colonist, tax collector, Parliament member or King of England. Students learned that it is no fun to give their hard-earned "money" away to people when they have no say in the happenings.

We will wrap up Chapter 5, Lessons 1 & 2 with a quiz on Wednesday. Then we will move on to the battles fought in South Carolina and the war heroes of South Carolina during the American Revolution in Lesson 3.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, January 15 - No school, Professional Development Day

Monday, January 18 - No School, Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday

Friday, January 22 - Second Quarter Report Cards Go Home