Mrs Baker's Newsletter

February 21, 2019

What is going on?

Apex- What a well oiled marketing machine?

Classrooms do get 10% of the money earned. Last year I received about $250.00- $300.00.

It was really nice to buy much needed items for the classroom. Last year I purchased new chair pockets, dictionaries, and a bookcase. It was awesome to have some money to buy items for my classroom.

Here is the lesson from today:

Today we talked about the importance of being selfless. Selfless leaders show strength by putting the needs of others before their own. When bad things happen, like a fire, or a hurricane, or an earthquake, selflessness is shown by the people that come together to provide for those in need. The strongest leaders are those that show compassion for others, even before their own needs are met.

We can be selfless every single day in many ways. We can be selfless by sharing with our classmates. We can be selfless by holding the door open for the entire class before we leave for lunch or recess. We can show selflessness on the sports field by passing the ball to someone who has a better opportunity to score. We can be selfless at home by helping our siblings and parents with chores around the house.

Remember, Self-LESS! Others-MORE!

Items we will need next week:

22 chocolate pudding cups- (Mrs. Baker)

Graham Crackers- (Shukla Family)

Can of whip cream (Padua Family)

Clear cups (Shukla Family)

One bag of M and M's (Poklemba Family)

Please let me know if you can donate- Thanks so so much!


Feb. 20-27: APEX Leadership Lessons and Fundraiser

Feb 28: APEX Fun Run (Volunteers needed and welcome!)

March 14: Field Day

March 17-22: Spring Break

This and that...

Dear Families,

On March 4th we will begin a money unit. We have found that plastic/school money is not quite as good as the real thing when practicing money counting skills. We would like to use real coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) for math this year. Please gather approximately 20 pennies, 10 dimes, 20 nickels and 4 quarters to send to school. We will use these coins for the rest of the year for money practice and will send them home at the end of the school year. Please send the coins to school by Friday, March 9th. Please send money in a ziplock or container labeled with your child’s name.

Thank You,

The Second Grade Team

Have a good weekend!