The Roaring 20's

Courtney Ritter Block 2

ROAR of the roaring 20's

The roaring twenties was probably the best decade for American's and the economy. World War I had just ended and everyone was celebrating the return of their soldiers. The nation's wealth had double and manufactures rates rose 60%. Along with manufacture rates going up, the advertising industry became huge. This was the decade that everything changed, and when young people started to grow more defiant.


The fashion during this time period became more relaxed and comfortable. The women began to dress completely different, tossing aside their corsets and heavy dress. The hairstyle for women that was popular, was copied from many Hollywood stars.


Not only was it known as the roaring twenties, the 1920's is also known as the jazz age. Also, the Harlem Renaissance was when the amount of African Americans in the writing and music industry increased. Louis Armstrong is one of the most famous African American jazz musician. Since many jazz bands couldn't travel far, once radios and phonographs were invented the distribution of music became easier.


The three most popular dances in the twenties were the Charleston, the black bottom, and the Lindy hop. The Charleston became popular when it made it big debut in two Broadway shows. Where as the other dances, were just popular social dances. Electric lighting made it easier and more comfortable to dance at night and in night clubs. In addition to the night clubs, dance halls also had the lights and live music for people to dance to and enjoy.


The 18th amendment was a difficult one to enforce. During prohibition, the amount of illegal production and sale of liquor increased immensely. In addition to the illegal production, the number of criminal organizations were rising. On the bright side, it helped the growth of jazz music due to the music being played in speakeasies.

Amelia Earhart

It only too Amelia Earhart a ten minute plane ride to know that it was what she wanted to spend her life doing. She was also the 16th woman to receive her pilot license from the F.A.I. The most important and known fact about Amelia is that she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

Al Capone

Mr. Al Capone was one of the best known gangsters in America. He was a leader in many illegal activities in Chicago giving to the lawless city reputation. Capone's "business" netted him close to $100,000,000 during the duration of his career.

Changes of Youth of America

The Youth of America changed tremendously. Many young people began going out to speakeasies to drinking, dancing, and have a good time. They became very defiant towards any type of authority. Also, the clothing was very different, as mentioned before, and the woman became less conservative.