Internet Safety

Keep your kids safe on the internet

Discussion you should have with your kids about internet safety.

-ask your kids what they are on, when they are on the internet

-Ask your kids why you should keep things private

-Ask your kids what to do if someone asked to meet face-to-face

-Ask your kids what to do if something happens to their computer,who they should talk to

Having a good password.

-Have your kids have a good password is very important.

-Your kids should have a good password so people can not get into you kids things.

-You and your kid should only know the password, other people should not know it. Have ---Your kids change their password every so often.

- It is a good idea to use numbers, letters, and even symbioses.

- Your kids should not have an easy password, have a more difficult one so other people can not get into your things.

Signing in and out of computers.

-Having your kids sighing in and out of any computer is very safe.

-They should especially sigh out when they are on the library computer, because anybody could come on those computers.

-There is a couple ways to sigh out. if you want to sigh out of the computer you can click on the account photo and then go to sigh out.

-If you want to sigh out of something like g-mail you go to your g-mail name and click on it, then you click sigh out.