Family Traditions

by Quinci Summers

Our Trip To Branson

Every year in February, my grandparents take all of their kids and grandkids to stay in Branson. My immediate family goes on Saturday, and everyone else arrives on Sunday. From Sunday through Wednesday we stay at Big Cedar Lodge. We always go to Tanger Outlets, the Landing, and stop by Lamberts when we go home.

What I Like About It

The thing I like most about the trip is that I get to see all of my family. A lot of my family members have gotten divorces, so I don't get to see all of them every holiday. Everyone goes on the Branson trip.

Would I Take My Family?

I would love to take my family, but I don't think it would be possible. It costs a lot of money, and this year is supposed to be our last trip to Branson. Hopefully we will still continue, or visit somewhere else. If this is the case, I will highly consider it.