Kristen's Korner

September 15, 2016

You've Made - - -

As our first four weeks of school come to a close, I want to take a moment to let you know what you've made:

* You've made students smile

* You've made parents feel at ease

* You've made children listen

* You've made books come alive

* You've made kids feel smart

* You've made them feel safe

* You've made math not feel so hard

* You've made colleagues inspired

* You've made children apologize

* You've made creativity wake up

* You've made anger calm

* You've made words carry meaning

* You've made ME want to be better each day and I thank you for that - you've made a difference!

Thank YOU for a great first MONTH of school!

Notes for You

Yes - we DO have a staff meeting next week prior to collab (information only)

1. The first 15 minutes will be dedicated to rolling out your RtI info. The Data Team and Problem Solving Team has worked diligently to not only identify your RtI students - but also: Group them, assign interventionists (although if it is a grade level teacher - you all will choose amongst yourselves), figure goals, and even suggest possible interventions

2. The second 15 minutes will be dedicated to hearing from Jill Rice (technology). Schools have been asked to allow our tech support to share out what our "Tech Building Days" will look like this year.

* Race for the Future - Don't forget to sign up (link is below)

Thank YOU!

* Kelli, Camilla, Tina, and Darlene - HAPPY CUSTODIAN APPRECIATION WEEK! We appreciate the efforts you go to on a daily basis to keep our school looking and running great!

* Beth and Michele - for getting our learning center kiddos organized and learning!

* Pam, Lisa, and Kristine - for attending CPI training in order to better support our students

* Problem Solving Team (Pam, Kristine, Lori, Tarah) - for working efficiently and effectively to identify and prep for RtI

* Cheryl - for organizing enrichment opportunities for HGE kids and starting Robotics Club

* Karen, Jessica, and Tracy - for leading SBT and managing our minutes

* Darcie - for being flexible with your schedule and coming to HGE on a variety of days to support families

* Gail - for encouraging musicality with your Honor Choir

* Barb and Beth - for being an amazing FRONT line

* Kristi Mace - for supporting us with incredible ideas for sensory strategies

* Jeff, Hayden, and Joyce - for helping our kiddos with their technology needs

video of the week: You Make a Difference!

Teachers Make a Difference