How i grew this semester-By MyRanda Lacey/1-13-15

Avid strategies and how they are benefitial

In avid we had our binders well organized. That helped me keep up with all my homework and schoolwork. I can use this strategy in the future.


At the beginning of the year I was very unorganized. Avid helped me get organized so I wouldn't lose any work. Now I keep up with my work with no problem.


Skills that I learned in avid this year will definitely benefit me in the future. In eighth grade and in high school I am going to need organization, especially in my binder. In college I am going to need note taking(Cornell notes) that I learned in avid this year to help me study.

Community service

Public service has helped me learn that I have all I need and more. While other families are barely eating, I have extra food and throw it away. Avid has made me a better person in many different ways. In November when avid students and teachers got together and helped pack up thanksgiving dinner it made me feel warm inside and I would love to do it again.

public speaking

Public speaking used to be a problem for me. For some unknown reason I used to hate getting up in front of people to talk. Avid has helped a lot with that. Now I don't really have much of a problem with public speaking.


TRF's in avid have helped me a lot. They have helped me to understand problems so I can solve them. They have helped me learn to better explain myself.

Next semester

Next semester I am going to try to grow in the way I am now. I am going to keep using techniques I learned this year. Like Cornell notes and keeping my binder in check