"Magic Marks the Spot" is a exciting adventure story about a girl who wants to be a pirate and sail across the high seas. I her struggle for acceptance into the world of pirates Hilary Westfield joins a group of pirates and journeys to Gun Powder Island in search of a magical treasure which will prove she is worthy to be a pirate. Along the way Hilary faces many challenges including her own father who turns out to be a villain after the same treasure.
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I thought "Magic Marks the Spot" was a wonderful and exciting book and would highly recommend it to people my age. I enjoyed all the adventure that constantly keeps me reading.
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The author of the book is Caroline Carlson. Her first book was "New York Times Editors Choice" "Magic Marks the Spot" which is a story about pirates. She wrote the first draft of her book in her last semester at school. She now enjoys reading, writing, and traveling.


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