The Proposal of Modesty

Smore #3

It is heart wrenching to those, whom stumble down the street, or veer off into the shadows, when they see the locker rooms, the football games, the cafeteria, and the classrooms, encompassed by depressed children of every sex, followed by six, seven, or eight teenagers, all with their heads down, and swiftly passing by all social gatherings. These adolescents, instead of playing on the playground with peers their age, are forced to spend their leisure time alone, with their empty thoughts, which, fester into dark thoughts, or nightmares in their bed, or any time they are alone.

I believe it is fathomed by all parents, that this burgeoning amount of adolescents, in the alley ways, bathroom stalls, or anywhere that gets them away from the public eye, and frequently incognito, is in the burning pits of their parents minds, a depressing matter; and therefore whoever could find a just, fair, and equal means of protecting these children from the horrors of bullying and then the children will be able to roam the world in peace without the fear of being taunted.

But my intentions are a mile away from only wanting to eliminate bullying; my plans go further than that, and will penalize all every bully with the stapling together of the lips, of those who ridicule others with no remorse, as well as those who laugh at the bully’s jokes.

For first, it will eliminate the amount of tissues purchased for the tears of the saddened children. Secondly, it will give the playground a sense of worth. Thirdly, it will lessen the number of phone calls parents make to other parents about their children bullying one another. Fourthly, it will rise the purchasing of food in the cafeteria because children will no longer be afraid to go in. Fifthly, it will keep the children out of the bathrooms and hallways so janitors can properly clean without interruption. Sixthly, there will be more participation at football games to boo the opposing teams.

But with long restless nights of thinking of ways to change this world, to better it in a way, and make a difference, I thought of this proposal, which will do all that I hope it does, with little to no pain or expense, having no other incentive other than bettering my country, eliminating the mouths of bullies. I have never been bullied.