Arizona Cardinals

By:Saumya Vedula

Team Information

Name of Team: Arizona Cardinals

Country: United States

State/Providence: Arizona

Longitude and Latitude: 33 degrees N, 112 degrees W

Region: Southwest

Languages Spoken: English

Interesting Facts about the region:

- The environment of the southwest US is mostly a desert

- The southwest is seismically active and sits upon shifting tectonic plates.

- Palm Trees like you see sometimes actually have no reason being there.

Physical Features of this region:

- Rio Grande is a river that is in the southwest region.

- Sonoran Desert is at the bottom of Arizona.

- Rocky Mountains are in the southwest and the west region.

Team Mascot Information

What is the team mascot?

The team mascot is the Cardinal.

Are there any nicknames for this team and what are they?

Yes, the team nickname is the Arizona Turdinals.

How does this mascot/nickname connect to the culture of the region?

Cardinals are known as pretty birds so that's why they have it that way.


When was this team established: 1898

Who was the founder: Bill Bidwill

Why did they choose this location: They chose this location because that is where the owner lived.

Does this mascot connect to the history of the region and how?

The fans wanted the team mascot to be the cardinals.


What is the name of the stadium/arena?

Their stadium name was University of Phoenix Stadium.

Why does this stadium/ arena have this name?

Phoenix is Arizona's capital.

Has this stadium ever had another name? If so what was it? No, this stadium has never had another name.

More and more stadiums and arenas are being named after major businesses instead of individuals. Why has there been this shift in naming of stadiums?

They have sponsors so they don't have to pay for materials they need and games they play.