Slick and Sly

Devina Tavathia

Aboout Me

Hi, I am Sally the Salamander, and I am looking for a guy to slip right into my day, as I am an Amphibian. I am all about others, as most salamanders are. We lay millions of eggs, so naturally, we love to give off to the community. I am also all about the fun. With no scales, my body can act as a waterslide, and others can slip right down my back! But I enjoy all types of fun in land or water, whichever you perfer. Along with all this, I will be able to really get to know you as my skin is mostly permeable, and when we are holding hands, your DNA can slip right into mine!


About You

Personally, I would love a cool, reptilian friend, so we can chill together. I hope our children can have more protection from outdoor dangers, so your young's eggs have to be rubbery or harder (which they are). I have always wanted scales so I could be an abnormal salamander. Therefore, if you could shed a few, that would be perfect. Finally, this may be a little silly, but you have to have no legs, so you can slide down my virtual waterslide, or four legs, so we can dance all night in the sand, reptilian!

Dancin' in the Moonlight

When I am not feelin' so sly, we can dance in the moonlight!