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Weekly Newsletter For January 30 - February 3

Principal's Corner

Why is sleep so important for children?

Sleep is vital for children’s development. During sleep, a child’s brain goes through changes and builds the foundation for how they grow and learn. It also plays a role in the development of behavior, emotions, and the immune system. Research shows that children who consistently get adequate sleep each night display improved attention, memory, and behavior. These are all things that are important for learning at school.

How much sleep does a child need?

The Sleep Foundation recommends:

  • 11-14 hours of sleep (including naps) for children ages 3-5
  • 9-11 hours of sleep for children ages 6-13
  • 8-10 hours of sleep each night for teens ages 14-17.

Tips to help your child get the sleep they need:

  • Have a set bedtime that allows for adequate sleep each night.

  • Set a consistent bedtime routine. For example, take a bath, brush teeth, read a story, and get into bed.

  • Limit screen time to at least 1 hour before bedtime. This includes phones, tablets, and TVs. The blue light given off by screens interferes with the production of melatonin. This is a hormone that controls our sleep-wake cycle. Blue light makes it even more difficult to fall asleep and wake up the next day. Since screens tend to stimulate children, encourage quiet activities before bed. For example, suggest quiet play, simple games (not video games), writing, reading, or drawing.

Best wishes for a great week!

Shawn Peck


Important Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, Jan. 31 - CARES Student of the Month Celebration Breakfast

Tuesday, Jan. 31 - PTO Fudge Fundraiser Kick Off

Tuesday, Jan. 31 - Future Chef Recipe Contest Deadline (see below for details)

Wednesday, Feb. 1 - Winter Walk to School Day (see below for details)

Thursday, Feb. 2 - River Bend Visits 3rd Grade Classrooms

Wednesday, Feb. 8 - 4th Grade Classes Visit River Bend Nature Center

Thursday, Feb. 9 - PTO Meeting 4:00 at Roosevelt

Monday, Feb. 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-8:30

Friday, Feb. 17 - NO SCHOOL; Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00-11:30

Monday, Feb. 20 - NO SCHOOL; Curriculum Day

Tuesday, Feb. 21 - Fudge Fundraiser Orders Due

Tuesday, Feb. 21 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-8:30

Roosevelt Students Visit FHS For Children's Theatre Production of Winnie the Pooh

"Author's Tea Party" Showcases Growth in Writing Skills of 1st Graders

Student Made "Plinko Board" Showcases Our Focus Around Hands On Learning in Media/STEM

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Sign Up For Parent Teacher Conferences Today

Roosevelt will host parent-teacher conferences on February 13 (3:30-8:30 PM), February 17 (8:00-11:30 AM), and Feb. 21 (3:30-8:30 PM). Please click here to reserve a time that works best for you. Simply click the link, choose your child's teacher, and select the date and time that works best for you. If you have multiple children at Roosevelt, please click "Register For Multiple Time Slots" on the main page. Parents will be able to meet with their child's classroom teacher as well as specialist, special education, EL, or intervention teachers if they would like. If you need any assistance with signing up for conferences please reach out to us at 507-333-6700.

A Note on Report Cards

  • Report cards were sent home in backpacks last Friday. We hope you will look it through and think about questions you may want to ask at our upcoming parent/teacher conferences.

  • As you read through the report card, you may notice that some of the areas have been left blank. This simply means that your child's teacher hasn't yet covered that particular standard yet. We will provide feedback on all standards in the end of the year report card.

  • You will also notice that for each graded skill, your child received a 1, 2, 3, or 4. The chart below can help you make sense of those numbers. All of our students have areas where they are excelling and others where they need to grow more. 1's and 2's are normal for this time of the year.
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Bundle Up and Join Us For Winter Walk to School Day on Wednesday, February 1

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4th Grade Teachers to Host "Flashcard Friday" Event For Families; Students Are Ready To Show Off Their Math Skills

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PTO Fudge Fundraiser Set to Begin This Tuesday; Please Consider Buying And Selling!

  • Fifty percent of sales come right back to PTO as profit.
  • The fundraiser starts on Tuesday, Jan 31.
  • Paper forms are due Monday, February 20.
  • The online link will be closed on Tuesday, February 21st.
  • Click here for the online version of the fundraiser. Please share widely with family, friends, and neighbors. (Ask them to write your name in the “seller” field)
  • Fudge will be delivered on Thursday, March 9
  • If parents have questions, please forward the email to:

Thank you so much for supporting the PTO!

DONATION REQUEST: 2-Liter Soda Bottles For Ecosystem Project in Media/STEM

Media/STEM is looking for donations of clear two-liter bottles for building mini ecosystems. Our systems will require two bottles per student so I am looking for approximately 140 bottles. They need to be clear and should be rinsed out prior to donating. Any donations should be brought to the Roosevelt main office. Any amount is appreciated!

Not Connected to Seesaw? Email Your Child's Teacher For the Access Code

We have noticed that fewer parents/guardians are connected to Seesaw than there were during the pandemic. We still rely on Seesaw for lots of communication - especially during E-Learning days. If you are not currently set up, please download the Seesaw app and reach out to your child's teacher for the "class code". If you need any support at all, you can contact your child's teacher.

SAFETY FIRST! - Morning Drop Off Reminders

To ensure a safe and orderly situation during morning drop off please keep the following rules in mind:

1. Drive slowly and be attentive at all times when driving in the parking lot.

2. Always drop off in the far right lane. DO NOT drop children in the middle lane of traffic.

3. Children should exit the vehicle on the curb side (passenger side) of the vehicle to avoid going into a lane of traffic.

3. If there is a line of cars waiting to drop off, please join the end of that line. DO NOT bypass waiting cars.

4. When it is your turn to drop off, pull up as far as possible to keep the line progressing as quickly as possible.

5. Students should have all their materials ready so they can exit the car quickly after it comes to a stop. Parents should not get out of the car in the drop-off lane.

6. If drivers want to get out of their vehicle, they must park in the parking lot. DO NOT exit the vehicle in the drop off lane.

7. Remind your child to walk safely into the school. We work hard to keep our sidewalks free of ice but often times it reformers overnight and creates slippery conditions for walkers.

It's Time to Register for 2023-2024 Kindergarten!

We were able to assist well over 100 families with the enrollment process during our kindergarten registration event last week. If you missed it - don't worry! There is still a lot of time. Click here to view the steps you will need to complete to enroll your kindergarten student for the 2023-2024 school year. You can complete the online registration in the comfort of your home or you can visit our school at any time between 8:30-3:00 M-F if you need any assistance with completing the process. Reach out to us any time at 507-333-6700 if you have questions.

Faribault Teaching Fellow Program Now Accepting Applications Again; Join the 11 Individuals Who Were Named Fellows Last Fall; Deadline is March 1

The Faribault Teaching Fellows is a “grow your own” program funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. This program is intended to help Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) with a Faribault connection attain their Minnesota teaching license. Faribault Public Schools was one of only 11 districts in the state to receive this highly competitive grant.

During our first round of applications this fall, 11 Faribault individuals were selected for the fellowship. Moving forward, applications for new Fellows will be accepted and reviewed three times per year, as long as funding remains. The deadlines are:

  • March 1
  • May 1
  • November 1

More information can be found on the program's webpage here.

As a reminder, the Faribault Teaching Fellows program is open to applicants who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) attending or planning to attend a Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board-approved (PELSB-approved) teacher preparation program during the 2022–23 or 2023-24 school years.

Applicants must meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Have graduated from Faribault Public Schools
  • Be a parent of a Faribault Public Schools current student or graduate
  • Live within the Faribault Public School district boundaries; and/or
  • Be a current Faribault Public Schools employee

Fellows receive:
  • Tuition assistance of up to $3,000/year
  • One-on-one advising support throughout the program
  • Stipend to assist with other living or college costs ($2,000/year)
  • Connection with a mentor teacher

See the flyer below or email with any questions about the program.
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Youth Mental Health First Aid Training Available on Saturday, Feb. 18

Come learn about signs, symptoms, and how to respond to youth with mental health concerns! Youth Mental Health First Aid has information and skills that everyone in our community should know about. Young people need adults to be prepared to listen and to be aware of the resources available, especially in this ever-changing COVID time. Come learn from an experienced instructor who has worked with MANY youth throughout the years.

When: 9:30am-4pm on Saturday, February 18th

Where: Buckham Memorial Library, Faribault, MN

Registration required as spaces are limited! Sign Up Here

It will be a worthwhile investment of your time! See the flier below for more information about this FREE training!

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Mark Your Calendars - Dates Set For Spring Music Concerts

We are exited to invite families to our March music concerts. While they are still a little far away, please mark your calendars for the proper date and time:

March 14th, 2023 (Tuesday)

4th Grade at 10:00 a.m

5th Grade at 2:00 p.m.

March 15th, 2023 (Wednesday)

3rd Grade at 10:00 a.m.

2nd Grade at 2:00 p.m.

March 16th, 2023 (Thursday)

Kindergarten at 10:00 a.m.

1st Grade at 2:00 p.m.

4th & 5th Grade Students Invited to Participate in "Future Chef" Competition

The Future Chefs competition is a fun way to learn new cooking skills and show off their love of food! Plus, district winners receive a deluxe prize package to continue to hone their skills at home. Winners of the district competitions move to regional and national judging levels, leading to a national challenge-winning chef!

Students are invited to submit recipes completing their plates with their favorite fruit or vegetable side dish. Students can come up with their own twist on a fruit or vegetable side dish recipe and submit it for the chance to be named the 2023 Future Chef Challenge winner!

Participating students should fill out a recipe card and give it to their teacher or go online at by January 31st. A panel of judges will select 3 finalists per school who will be formally invited to a Culinary Competition “Cook-Off” on Thursday, March 9. All Finalists will receive a framed plaque, a recipe book of all finalist’s recipes, and Chef T shirt, apron and hat. The local press will be invited to take pictures of the kid’s creations.

Make Sure Your Child is Reading (Or Being Read to) For At Least 20 Minutes Per Night

Studies show that the amount of time a child spends reading was strongly coorelated with the scores the same child earns on reading proficiency tests. Students who read more read better! Please make sure your child is reading for at least 20 minutes each night. Books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, or any other text is great. If you need access to books, we have a lot! Feel free to ask your child's teacher about getting reading materials for your child if you need some!

PTO Meeting on Thursday, February 9 at 4:00 at Roosevelt; Please join us!

We would love to have you join the Roosevelt PTO. This group of parents and teachers meets once per month and works to support our school in so many ways. Our next meeting is at 4:00 on Thursday, February 9 at Roosevelt. If you want to get more involved in your child's education, this is a great place to do that. Please send an email to our PTO President, Amanda Schaefer at for more information or to sign up.

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