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October 27, 2017 Issue 11

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Coming Soon...

November 1- 3:00-5:00 PM Club 3:16

November 8- 3:00-5:00 PM Club 3:16

November 10- Veterans' Day program @ 9:00AM

November 11- First Robotics Competition

November 21- Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

December 1- Kindergarten Gingerbread House Day @ 12:00PM.

December 8- Kindergarten Polar Express PJ Party

December 15- Gingerbread Man play. (Dressed rehearsal 9:00AM Public Performance 2:00PM)

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

October 27

Chase Vaughn

Julia Peterson

October 28

William Murphy

Madyson Palmer

Chandler Elliott

Zander Penrod

October 31

William Goble

Maddox Penrod

November 1

Peyton Craig

Kay Haven

November 2

Evan Davidson

Brrr... It's getting cold outside!

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Since it's getting much colder and students at VFES do go outside in the morning for recess, please be sure to send a coat with your child. If you are in need of a coat for your child, please contact Holly Asdell at

Our Box Tops Winner was... drum roll please...

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Congratulations to Mrs. South’s class for bringing in the most Box Tops this quarter! They won a pizza party with 381 collected. We have had over 2,500 Box Tops turned in this school year so far! Good job to everyone and let’s keep them coming in! A few reminders for parents- please pay attention to expiration dates on the Box Tops!! Please label them with your child’s name and teacher’s name so they will get credit for them in our contests. Also, if parents want to count them out, they need to be bagged in groups of 50 per bag.


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Case Howards Wins the Bike!

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We did our drawing for the students who turned in 10 Walk-A-Thon letters, and our winner was Case Howard! Thank you for turning in all of your letters boys and girls! congratulations Case! Thank you to Total Concepts of Design, Inc. for donating the bike.

We had a lot of fun celebrating our Walk-A-Thon prizes this week!

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PBIS Braves Bucks

Vienna-Finley began a new positive behavior program this year as part of the Scott2 elementary initiative with Positive Behavior Intervention Support, otherwise known as PBIS. Through this program, students are recognized for positive behavior choices and awarded Braves Bucks, which can be spent each month a special PBIS prize. Once spent, the bucks are used monthly to draw one lucky student and staff member for an additional prize. Vienna-Finley held the first Braves Bucks drawing during lunch on Tuesday, August 29th. The lucky winners for August were Lilly Goetzinger and Mrs. Lindsey Cazares! Congratulations to everyone who worked to earn Braves Bucks as part of the new PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) program. Great job!

We have a great new way to keep in touch at VFES! EventLink!

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October Students of the Month

Our students of the month for October were chosen for following our PBIS protocol! By having their pencils sharpened, eyes and attention on the teacher, and having their assignments ready when they are due, they are exhibiting our PBIS protocol of being reading and willing to learn. Great job boys and girls!

Tentative Vienna-Finley Calendar

Please note that these are only anticipated dates and are subject to change.
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Updated School Calendar 2017-2018

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The YMCA is cancelled during early dismissal days. More information will be coming from the YMCA.

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Popcorn Fridays!

If you would like your child to receive popcorn, please send in a $1 before 9:00, so we can begin popping and distributing the bags.

The funds generated are donated to a different local agency each month.

Welcome to Vienna-Finley!

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