L7 Quiz DUE

きんようび (kinyoubi-Friday)- Mar 13, 2015

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Today's Important Info:


  • L7 quiz is DUE TODAY.
    • Please don't forget to take your quiz for lesson 1 through lesson 6.
    • Remember you have 2 chances to do well on your quizzes. Please take advantage of that.
  • Please use the Quizlets to study your vocabulary and Hiragana for this week. You can find those links below.
  • Make sure you study your lesson 7 grammar!! <-----!!

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Click: TEST your L7 Hiragana combination letters.

You can use the Quizlet flashcards before you take this test, if you need too. This quiz is not counted as a grade, but it will be good to do to prepare you for your Hiragana part of your mid-term exam. Mid-term exam is coming CLOSER!!! >o<

Click: Lesson 7 Vocabulary Flashcards

If you need more study/review over your lesson 7 vocabulary, please go to this Quizlet to practice! ^o^

Click: TEST your L7 Vocabulary skills! ^o^

You can use the Quizlet flashcards before you take this test, if you need too. This quiz is not counted as a grade, it can help prepare you for the lesson 7 quiz.

Lesson 7 Wrap Up

Make sure you have completed all of the following for lesson 7:
  1. L7 Writing Assignment
  2. L7 Cultural Discussion (2 comments/replies)
  3. L7 Speaking Assignment
  4. L7 Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2 (If you missed a session, make it up ASAP.)
  5. L7 Quiz


Your Mid-term Exam is open to take!

    • BEFORE taking the exams make sure that you have studied your Hiragana characters (reading and writing), and your lesson 1-7 vocab & grammar.
    • Mid-Term Exam is located in the tab in the left called "Mid-Term EXAM".
    • Part 1 due Mar 17th
    • Part 2 due Mar 18th
    • The Lesson 1-7 Vocab and Grammar part of the mid-term is due by Mar 19th
    • PLEASE review your Hiragana before you take the exam for parts 1 & 2.
    • It's a timed test which you can only take ONCE. Please remember this so review before you take the exam.
    • *Make sure you use UPDATE FIREFOX, and UPDATED JAVA to do the mid-term exams.

Here's the information to the mid-term exam. Please be sure to read each one carefully to make sure you prepare yourself for the parts of the test before clicking on the exam itself. You only have 1 chance for each part of the exam. Make sure you study as well! The mid-term exam is located in the left tab called "Mid-Term EXAM".

Read the following very carefully:

M3.L7. Hiragana Reading TEST (Part 1 of 3)

You are NOT permitted to use your notes or any other aides (such as Google Translate) for any of the 3 parts of the Midterm Examination. This will result in you to fail your exams.

    • In this TEST you will type in the correct Romaji for each Hiragana character.
    • You will have 30 minutes to complete this test.
    • If you have time left over, please be sure to check your work before submitting.
    • You will have 1 attempt for this test.
    • Make sure you have studied all of the Hiragana characters, including the characters Ga, Za, Da, Ba, Pa.
    • Also review your big character & small character combinations and small "tsu" usage.
    • You will need to be at a computer that can view Hiragana characters.
    • Do not open any other windows during this test.
    • DUE Mar 17th

M3.L7. Hiragana Writing TEST (Part 2 of 3)


    • This is a TEST to test your skills on WRITING Hiragana characters.
    • You will have 40 minutes to complete this test.
    • You will need to print the test, WRITE the answers to the test BY HAND, scan it, and then post it.
      • Post the Scanned TEST to the bottom of the TEST area.
      • You will see a space to upload, so please do so.
      • Once you click on this, and hit "OK" the time will start.
      • Due Mar 18th

M3.L7. Lesson 1-7 Vocab/Grammar TEST (part 3 of 3)

    • This is a test that covers Lessons 1 through 7 vocabulary and grammar.
      • Please make sure you have reviewed the material from Lessons 1 through 7 before taking this test.
    • You will have 40 minutes to complete this test.
    • There are 25 questions on this test.
    • You will have 1 attempt for this test.
    • Do not open any other windows during this test.
    • Due Mar 19th

Language Coaching Reminder:

*If you miss a coaching session, make sure you make it up ASAP!

**If you have tech issues with coaching, make sure you are using FireFox and updated Java. If that is not working please contact help desk for the tech people to help you: http://www.help.ncvps.org/

Click here for ALL the info for Coaching sessions

Click this link to find troubleshoots for coaching, learn different ways to attend. Learn how to attend using a phone! ^o^ If you're having trouble >.< with attending coaching, here are some info to help you. ^.^

Week 8 Newsletter

Please go over this newsletter for this week if you haven't already. ^o^

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