By HI Bradley Schulz hour 5

Methamphetamine chemicals

Methamphetamine also known as meth or crystal is a very dangerous drug that has the potential to kill you, with the many different chemicals in Meth.

Short-term effects of meth

Negative effects can also include disturbed sleep patterns, hyperactivity, nausea, delusions of power, increased aggressiveness and irritability.

Long-term effects of meth

In the long term, meth use can cause irreversible harm: increased heart rate and blood pressure; damaged blood vessels in the brain that can cause strokes or an irregular heartbeat that can, in turn, cause cardiovascular collapse or death; and liver, kidney and lung damage. Users may suffer brain damage, including memory loss and an increasing inability to grasp abstract thoughts. Those who recover are usually subject to memory gaps and extreme mood swings.

Groups meth addicts can talk to:

Parents: They can help you find help such as rehab

Doctors: Doctors could tell you the effects it can have on your body and help you with prescriptions


These videos shows how meth affects your brain
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