Pecos Bill

Folk Tales Research Assignment

Pecos Bill Facts

When Pecos Bill was born, he talked before he was one month old, teethed on his dad's knife, and rode his first horse just when he learned how to sit.

When his family went on a trip, Pecos Bill fell off of the wagon, almost drowned in the Pecos River, and was raised by coyotes that found him.

His brother found him years later and convinced him that he was not a coyote.

Has Magic Powers

In one folk tale, Pecos Bill rides a tornado because he wanted to prove that he could ride anything. This shows that he has incredible strength and can stay on any kind of bronco, even if it isn't a horse.

Uses Human Traits

He was foolish to ride the tornado and did not really think of the consequences, much like humans. Bill ended up falling off of the tornado, hit the ground, and created Death Valley from the impact.