Weekly Geekly

October 28, 2019

WEIRD computer issues

Look for these symptoms:

  • You cannot access the portal
  • Cannot access eSchool
  • If you are using the desktop client of Outlook, you see a yellow exclamation mark
  • If you are using webmail it will spin or you might not be able to search


Reboot 2-3 times. Victoria can come run a fix but it will only last for the day and it will start having trouble. We are up to 10+ people with this issue so it is probably quicker if you just fix it yourself by rebooting, but please let Victoria know if you have it.

Don't forget that in your LTHS Bookmarks folder in Chrome you still have links to things like Eduphoria even when you cannot access the portal.

This is a district-wide issue and will hopefully fixed soon!

State of the Chromebooks

Note*- Victoria spent 45 minutes this morning going from one cart to another trying to put chormebooks back in the correct carts.

It DOES matter which chromebooks go in which cart! Please make sure kids are returning the computers to the right place!

Broken: None

Fixed: None were broken last week!

Are You Good at Googling?

There are some easy ways to get better and more efficient at searching in Google. These are great tips to share with your students too! Check out this printable page with easy tips to take your Google skills from Good to Great.
Big picture

Relay Classroom

Don't forget to learn about our new Chromebook monitoring features in Relay Classroom by taking the QUICK course here. I STRONGLY suggest that all teachers complete this very brief introduction to Classroom.

This will allow you to see what students are doing on their screens, lock their screens, share your screen with your class and more.

To access Classroom you will visit https://classroom.relay.school in a browser and sign in with Google.

Canvas Tip- Flipgrid

Did you know you can embed Flipgrid into Canvas? To do that you will

  • click on "Share" on a specific Topic in one of your Grids
  • click the embed code button to copy the code
  • create a new page in Canvas
  • click on the HTML Editor for your page
  • Paste in your code, and save.

What it looks like:

Big picture