Violence Against Women

The Issues of Today

Sexual Violence

  • 35% or women worldwide have experienced sexual violence against them by either an intimate partner or non-partner
  • 30% of women that have been in a relationship reported that they experienced some type of physical or sexual violence by their partner.
  • Violence can result in the mental, physical, sexual, reproductive health, and other health problems; it can also increase risk of HIV

Domestic Violence

  • 38% of the murders of women globally are committed by their intimate partner
  • any physical abuse from a man to a women, usually partners, this includes, hitting, beating, and threats with weapons
  • men usually make women feel like it is their fault, especially partner domestic violence
  • domestic violence is any kind of violence, it includes sexual

Examples of All Violences

  • Ray Rice beating his girlfriend (in an elevator)
  • Prostitution
  • Rapes

What Must be Done

Women's violence is a large issue today. The violence towards them comes in all types. Women do not deserve this treatment and it needs to end today. There are many types of programs and organizations to work to end the violence. We can only hope that one day all their work pays off and violence against women becomes history.