Computer security specialists

Computer systems networking and administration

Branch of science

Physical because its about computer and helping our community

Education path

The classes that you have to take is computer classes and how to work it. You have to take that class maybe for four years or even less if you know what your doing. The high school you have to go in is any high school but just look for a computer job.

Training school & college

Coleman University San Diego (CA). I want to go to this school because it helps us people how to disable people hacking into weird things. This school is private and a tech school. It is a 4year college.


There isn't a GPA or SAT or ACT all you need is high school diploma

About the job

It protects computer viruses and it stops cyber bullying. They prevent people doing something bad on it.


The Wisconsin salary is 40,150 and national is 43,190 it's really expensive.


I talked to my brother about my job and he said that it was good and he said that your not that smart. I told him that i was going to California for this job he said okay good for you.


I would see my self doing this job and the pros are is that I would be good at it. The cons is that some other person might take the job.

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The resource that I used is that wiscareers and some description from it

What factors affect employment for this job.

Its not common in Wisconsin so i would have to go to different cities and states. You would have to find these jobs at different states and university and colleges.