Cecil Beaton

Fashion Photographs and Society Portraits.


Beaton was born on 14 January 1904 in Hampstead, London, England. Later in his years when he was attending college Beaton attended Harrow, and then, despite having little interest in academics, moved on to St John's College, Cambridge, and studied history, art and architecture. Beaton worked on his photography, and through his university contacts managed to get a portrait of the Duchess of Malfi published in Vogue. When beaton got his work published in Vogue this jump started his career. Beaton is best known for his fashion photographs and society portraits Which are what made him well known. Beaton has worked as a staff photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair. Beaton would go on to work for Ministry of Information and become one of Britain's leading war photographers. Later Beaton would go on to designing sets, costumes for My Fair Lady, Gigi, and more. Beaton would go on to earn three academy awards and four tony awards. Beaton would go on to die on January 18, 1980 (aged 76) at Reddish House, Broad Chalke, Wiltshire, England.

About Beatons Photography

Best known for his fashion photographs and society portraits. when first starting out in photography Beaton's first camera was a Kodak 3A folding camera. Later in his career Beaton employed both large format cameras, and smaller Rolleiflex cameras. Mny said that Beaton was never known as a highly skilled technical photographer, and instead focused on staging a compelling model or scene and looking for the perfect shutter-release moment. Later when he was working for Vogue he often photograph celebrities in Hollywood. After he was fired from Vogue he became one of Britain's leading war photographers. Best known for his images of the damage done by the German blitz. His style sharpened and his range broadened.