A British Christmas

by Tasia Risva

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Father Christmas

Santa Claus is known by British children as Father Christmas. The old-fashioned Father Christmas was depicted wearing long robes with sprigs of holly in his long white hair. Children write letters to Father Christmas detailing their requests, but instead of dropping them in the mailbox, the letters are tossed into the fireplace and Father Christmas reads the smoke.

Christmas Eve

Carols are often sung by groups of singers walking from house to house.

Father Christmas comes at night.

The children hang up their stockings and go to sleep.

Mince pies and sherry are left out for Father Christmas and carrots are left for his reindeer

Christmas Day

  • It's presents time!
  • Families gather for the traditional Christmas dinner consisting of Brussels sprouts, fried potatoes with roast turkey, roast beef or goose. Sweet mince pie or Christmas pudding is served for dessert.
  • The pudding might contain coins or lucky charms for children. For afternoon tea Christmas cake is offered. It is rich baked fruit cake with marzipan and icing.Christmas crackers decorate each plate on the Christmas dinner table. A Christmas cracker is a brightly coloured paper tube, twisted on both ends and filled with a party hat, a riddle and a toy.
  • The annual broadcasting of the Queen's Christmas Message is on Christmas Day afternoon.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is on December 26th. This day takes its name from a former custom giving a Christmas box to delivery men and trades people called regularly through the year. Nowadays dustmen, milkmen, or postmen get a tip for a good service at Christmas time.

Watch the following videos and find more about Christmas in the U.K.

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