Integumentary System

The Protection for our Body!

The Integumentary System is extremely important and has many functions

The main ones are protection from damage and disease, cushion, and to make the skin waterproof. Also, the integumentary system helps in producing sweat through sweat glands and oil to lubricate the skin. It's also important in the regulating of body temperature, sensory receptors, and preventing dehydration.

There are also several diseases and illnesses in the integumentary system

Acne and warts are the most common diseases affiliated with the integumentary system. Other problems include athlete's foot and dermatitis, which is often picked up when you touch poison ivy and such. Skin cancer is also an issue.

Here's some of the diseases and problems with the integumentary system

Parts of the Integumentary System


-Blood Vessels

-Sebaceous gland (lubricates the skin and hair)

-Sweat glands


-Fat layer

The skin is composed of three major tissues: the Epidermis (top layer), the Dermis (middle layer), and Hypodermis (lowest layer)

The finger and toe nails also are part of the integumentary system and aid in protection against physical damage and disease.