Facebook ?

tips and tricks about Facebook ;-)

Facebook in force !

I know you already felt like to login on Facebook... so am. This social network is a very a good way to :

  • find friends;
  • keep contact with other people;
  • be on the moove;
and you say to you "why not me ?". I agree with you, but you have to say somethings about it before...

Facebook for all : ok. But not any way !

You mustn't know everything about Facebook :

  1. Facebook is virtual world (no kidding ! ). You may become addicted of that, really ! Don't be online long time : I say this for you;
  2. What would you say if all you errors can be memorize for your life and more ? there wouldn't be well for you and maybe, your family... Yet, your slightest actions are memorize and can be use against you, even if it's private or secured. So be carefull about what it published about you !
  3. Facebook maybe, but not people : what you say, share, like, poke, comment or I don't know what more, can hurt real person. Facebook is a virtual world with real person, fragil and alive, ok ? so don't be a cyberbullier, please ! you are not mean, you don't harass, humiliate or threathen other people, isn't it ? So be good, be cool.

Look that and be attentive, It's a real story, it can be you...

A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story -- Ryan Halligan age 13

Wait !

I just want to say a last thing to never forget :


So please... before make a mistake, reflect ;-)