• Renewable fuel
  • gives off lower emissions of pollution
  • improves air quality, and reduces health problems caused by pollution
  • it can be used in cars, without changing the car design
  • Some vehicles can run on vegetable oil without any normal diesel.


  • Biodiesel cant run as long as normal fuel
  • Biodiesel is derived from palm oil which is accosiated with deforestation.
  • Poor working conditions for farmers working on the oil palm plantations.

How it works

Normal diesel is mixed with oils that have been extracted from plants such as palm, soybean, oilseed rape, or sunflower. it qualifys as a bio fuel, because its made from something in nature that is renewable, plants.

Did You Know?

  • Cars can be run without normal oil and just vegetable oil.
  • Biodiesel can be made from oils from plants.

If a company bought our fuel, would it be smart for them to go ahead and make it?

Yes, because the world would be so much healthier and cleaner, than it would be with normal diesel.It takes out some diesel from the air, and leaves less pollution for humans and animals to inhale. Even though it might cause deforestation and kill animals, using diesel is not going to stop that problem anyway.