By NicholasA.

What is Soccer

Soccer is game that is played on a rectangular field with one goal on each small end, and a ball. Each team has 11 players on the field with one of those players gardening the goal , and is known of the goalie. The objective of the game of soccer is to kick the ball in the other teams goal the most times. This might sound easy but the other team has defenders that try to prevent you from scoring. But if you manage to score it is the other teams ball at center field.

There are various rules of this game like no hitting the ball with your hand or no shoving. Click on this link to see all the rules

My Soccer Experience

I have been playing soccer for a long and have scored once but not for my team.

My First Soccer Goal

It all started when the whistle blew “tweet” and both teams rushed to the ball like mini torpedoes. It was a cool and muddy morning right after it had rained, and the air was moist. This is when I was 4 or 5 and just starting to play soccer. I wasn't the fastest kid so I was always behind the ball, running back and forth down the field trying to catch-up. I've always wanted to score but I never did, but something about this game felt special. After running around for little while the whistle blew for half time.

My team sprinted off the field for snack with tons of delight for snack we had : creamy caramel with apples, s’more granola bars,and sour lemon juice boxes. After devouring our snack we got back on the field. My team ran around some more and I was still behind everybody and my heart was pounding from exhaustion. Then before I knew it the whistle blew for the end of the third quarter..

The score was still 0 to 0. Now it is the final quarter and I really wanted to score for my team. My team and I got back on the field. When the whistle blew, I ran my hardest toward the ball. Under my breath I told myself “I’m gonna score, I’m gonna score!” I didn't get the ball, but I got stuck in the pack being jostled around by other players. Then I felt something touch my foot I looked down and there was the ball. I took off with the ball, not really knowing where I was going and I kicked it in the nearest goal.

“YYYYYAAAAAYYYY!!!!” I screamed with the greatest excitement till my throat hurt. Then I heard cheers I was so happy and my body tingled with glee. Then I thought to myself “this is the greatest moment of my life.”

Then I realized the cheers were not coming from my team but from the other team. I stood there confused and started to get angry . Then it clicked, I had just scored for the other team and all my happiness was shattered in a moment. Then I got really sad and started to cry. I got subbed out and stumbled off the field with teary eyes. After the game I darted straight for my car not even thinking about the concession stand. I cried all the way home because I made my team lose I felt so bad and angry with myself. But now looking back on it it was really funny. It also makes me happy because this is the only time I have ever scored a goal!!

Positions in Soccer

There are four main positions in soccer forward, midfield, defence, and goalie, and each positions has a specific job. The forwards job is to score and they mainly stay on the other teams half of the field. The midfielder's job is to help out every everywhere offence and defence so that means a lot of running. The defense's job is to defend the goal. The finally the goalie's job is to protect the goal and is the last line a defence this is the only player that can use their hands.