Basic Consumer Rights

By Lauren and Jada

Right to Safety

Consumers are intitled to be informed of any safety hazards or defections in any product, whether it be a recall or a warning.

Bob is buying a dishwasher for his new apartment. Soon after he purchases it, however, he finds that it leaks onto the floor because of a faulty part. The product is soon recalled.

Right to be Informed

Consumers have the the right of having enough information about the product before they use it, and faulty advertising is not allowed. This includes packaging and labels.

Ex. The cereal Bob is buying advertises whole grain. However, another company later accuses the cereal company of faulty advertising. No whole grain is found in the cereal.

Right to choose

Consumers require a selection of choices. It is not allowed to only sell a product with one of it's kind. There must be products from different companies.

Ex. Bob is out shopping. He needs peanut butter for a cookie recipe. He has a choice between Jif peanut butter and Smuckers.

Right to be Heard

Consumers have right to voice their options and complain if something is wrong. Such as, the product is malfunctioning or breaks easily.

Ex. Bob received a faulty TV. He complained to the company about it.

Right to a healthy environment

Consumers have the right to work and live in an environment that is clean and safe.

Ex. A store that Bob used to work at had unclean air. Therefore, it did not meet the criteria.

Right To Redress

Consumers deserve a fair and right settlement when they buy something that the seller tried to make consumers think was better or different than it actually was. Any consumer can be entitled to a full compensation or replacement.

Right to consumer education

Consumers have the right to be informed and taught about how to make good choices when purchasing items or services. This includes learning to right of a consumer.

Ex. Bob is taught how to purchase successfully and make good choices when buying.