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We Are Muir! Motivated Understanding Innovative Relentless

Principal's Perspective

Hello Muir Families, please check out the link below to watch the Principal's Perspective video, which highlights the year so far and what's to come!

Principal's Perspective Video

Go Colts!

Upcoming Important Events - Don't forget to check Family Access for the Weekly Bulletin!



September 20th: Early Release 1:30pm

September 21st and 22nd - ELA MAP testing

September 26th - 30th: Spirit Week!


October 5th: Count Day

October 11th: Early Release 1:30pm

October 19th: Picture Retake Day

October 20th: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 - 7:30pm

October 25th: Parent/Teacher Conferences (Virtual) 4:00 - 7:30pm

October 27th: Halloween Dance 3:00 - 4:30pm

November 4th: End of Term One

We Are Muir!

Muir Middle School has a rich history of providing students with a caring and safe environment, encouraging students to become involved with their own learning and with their peers. At Muir we believe that all students can become:

  • Motivated - We believe in instilling a love of learning and in helping students to reach their maximum potential while seeking out opportunities to grow.

  • Understanding - We believe in celebrating and understanding individual character strengths, respecting differences, and learning from those around us.

  • Innovative - We encourage students to be healthy risk takers and to continually seek out answers to real life situations.

  • Relentless - We encourage Muir Colts to be determined and to never give up!

Colt Cards:

Students who demonstrate what it means to be a Muir Colt will receive a Colt Card. Upon receiving this card, students can put their card in the main office drop box - at which time they will receive a prize and an email home from the Assistant Principal, Mrs. Brodi congratulating them on being awesome! At the end of each month, students who received a Colt Card(s) are able to participate in a fun activity and a chance to win cool prizes!

The Colt Classic Fundraiser & Spirit Week

We are excited to roll out Muir's Spirit Week and our one and only fundraiser of the year, the Colt Classic the week of September 26th. The more money we raise will trigger more fun and exciting things happening for our students! More information will be shared next week regarding the 5th Annual Colt Classic Fundraiser.

Spirit Week Days, Brought to You by WEB Leadership:

  • Monday 9/26 - Adam Sandler Day (oversized/baggy clothes)
  • Tuesday 9/27 - Tacky Tourist Day (dress like you're on vacation)
  • Wednesday 9/28 - Country or Country Club Day (dress like a cowboy/girl or "preppy" attire)
  • Thursday 9/29 - Class Color Day (8th Grade Black, 7th Grade Red, 6th Grade White)
  • Friday 9/30 - Sports Day
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Get Involved in Muir's Clubs and Activities

Important Reminders on School Wide Policies

Parents we appreciate your support in making our school a safe and happy place to be for all of our students. Please be aware of the following reminders on school wide policies -

No Door Dash or Food Service Deliveries - We, like you, want to ensure the safety and well being of our students while they are at Muir. Prohibiting food service deliveries helps reduce the amount of traffic coming and going from our school. HVS provides a wide variety of nutritional meals and snacks for our students. Please see the weekly bulletin for meals of the week. Parents/guardians are also welcome to bring up lunches for their students should they forget something at home.

Cell Phones/Apple Watches/Air Pods/Personal Devices should not be used during the day or while in classroom.

Parents, please contact the main office if a message needs to be delivered to your child. Parents please try to reframe from calling or texting your child during the school day. Students are allowed to contact home from the main office either using their own personal device or they may use the phones available to them.

We encourage students to be engaged in their classrooms and alert while in the hallways/bathrooms/locker rooms for school notifications that go through the PA throughout the day. We also want students to be socially engaged with their peers during the school day. Research shows that cell phones create distractions for our students that we are hoping to avoid by honoring the classroom learning environment.

New this year - Students will be allowed to utilize their cell phones during lunch. This will provide them with 25 minutes to check their phone and respond to you if necessary. Parents, this would be a great time to do a check-in with your child. During this time, students should not be taking pictures. listening to music, or recording with their device. Students know that this is a privilege and the guidelines need to be followed.

Tardies and Bathroom - Students should be on time to all of their classes and are provided a 5-minute passing time to get to and from their classes. Students are allowed to go to the restroom during class-time (with teacher permission). Within the first 10-minutes of class and the last 10-minutes of class, we are asking for students to stay in the classroom for instructional purposes. Teachers will have a sign-out sheet for students to sign out when using the bathroom.

Winning Seasons so far for the Colts!

Both the volleyball and cross-country teams are off to amazing starts! With two matches under their belts, the Muir 7th grade volleyball team remains undefeated and the 8th grade team has one win and a loss to Oak Valley. The Muir cross-country team is showing lots of grit and determination this season so far! 41 boys and 31 girls make up this impressive team of runners who so far are having an undefeated season!

Great job to all of our athletes! We hope everyone is able to come out and cheer them on!


Breakfast is FREE for all students in Huron Valley this year thanks to the district providing this to our kids. At Muir, students have the opportunity to get FREE breakfast in the cafeteria before 1st hour OR they can partake in our 2nd chance breakfast at one of the mobile breakfast stations throughout the building before 2nd hour. Students only get 1 free breakfast per day. No forms need to be filled out for free breakfast.


Starting back up in the 2022-2023 school year, free and reduced lunch forms must be filled out in order for students to receive either a free lunch meal or reduced cost items.

Please click on the title "Free and Reduced Lunch Forms are Back!" to complete this very important form.

For more information - please visit our Food Service Department informational page at:

Please Note

All visitors must sign in and alert the main office that you are here. All visitors must wear a visitors badge while in the building. If a student is leaving the school building (for any reason) they must be signed out at the main office.

Picture Retakes

Picture Retakes are scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 19th. Flyers will be sent home to assist with ordering. Families can view pictures before ordering at JOSTENPIX.COM using the code: FE65022. Please do not have students wear the color green - a green screen will be used to allow for personalization of pictures.

Exciting Happenings from the 2021-2022 School Year!

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