Equipping the Domestic Church/ISSUE 72/ 10.31.21

Walking in the Footsteps of Saints

Happy Halloween! Do you know that Halloween started as the "eve" of All Saints Day? In England All Saints Day was called All Hallows Day and All Hallows Eve was the day before. Since All Saints and All Soul's Day are both connected to remembering the dead, Halloween became a celebration of scaring away the dead with frightening costumes. Many of the traditions that were practiced on Halloween became connected with Pagan celebrations but there was still a strong relationship between the development of Halloween and All Saints and All Soul's Days. It was Pope Boniface IV who officially began what would later be known as All Saints Day on May 13 in 609 AD. At that time, he was dedicating the Pantheon in Rome as a church in honor of the Virgin Mary and all martyrs
Click here CRS booklet on the Saints and Social Justice

Connect the Saints and their service to others

Learn more about the Saints

This is a resource of profiles by feast day; great place to learn more about known and not as famous Catholic Saints!


Learn more about St. Joseph during this YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH!

We look to the Saints as models for our lives, but who did the Saints look to? Some had other Saints, but St. Joseph, for instance, did not. He had the models of the Old Testament to look up to. The prophets and patriarchs, among countless other characters from the Jewish Tradition guided him, and in turn we can look to him for guidance.



Click on the link below for the readings that you will hear at the Sunday's Mass for the coming two weeks. This will give you a chance to prepare your heart and mind for full and active participation in Mass this weekend! For a Mass schedule in our diocese click on the grey button below.

Family Stories: Story Time with a Positive Message.

  • I'm a Saint in the Making by Lisa Hendey
  • Loyola Kids Book of Heroes: Stories of Catholic Heroes and Saints throughout History by Amy Welborn
  • Carlo Acutis: The First Millennial Saint by Nicola Gori
  • A Saint a Day: 365 True Stories of Faith and Heroism by Meredith Hinds, Isabel Munoz (Released 11/23/21)

Parenting Articles: A timely article about All Soul's Day:



Listen to great stories of saints for kids on the Shining Light Dolls. Take a listen to this episode below and then find all episodes at

Shining Light Dolls

Ep. 95 St Josephine Bakhita by Shining Light Dolls


Follow the playlist to help you celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY!

Click here to find a playlist of videos about your favorite saints and maybe saints you've never heard of!

Learn about the process of becoming a Saint, through this engaging video from the Seton Shrine.
Betty Bayley Becomes A Saint


Do you have left over Halloween candy that you don't want to eat? Do a fun science experiment with it! Here are some ideas:


Here we share ideas for personal prayer, family prayer and learning more about the ACT of prayer as a discipleship skill!

Pray the Litany of the Saints this week to commemorate All Saints Day

Use this prayer to pray for loved ones who have died and for all who have died around the world. Though this prayer is a little older, you may want to include prayers for all who have died during this time of pandemic.


Claim your favorite Saints with Saint Ring Toss!

Print out pictures of your favorite saints and tape them to empty plastic bottles. Tape the bottles to the ground and use circular glow sticks to toss them on the Saints! You can reuse the bottles for pumpkin bowling below and get a lot of use out of recycling and reusing water bottles!!

Pumpkin Bowling!!

Play a fun, fall-themed game outdoors. Gather empty water bottles (individual size). Line them up in a triangular formation as with bowling. Place three in the back line, two in the middle line and one in the front. Gather your roundest pumpkin and ROLL 'EM! Can you knock down the pins?


Try making this healthy fall-themed snack and enjoy it during your family time at the park, in front of a movie, or around the campfire!

Word of the Week!

CANONIZATION: the formal process by which someone is recognized to be a saint, namely one already in Heaven, and who is a worthy example of the Christian life and allowed to be recognized at the Altar as such a witness.


Learning to walk and a child’s first steps are exciting times for a family. Imagine the excitement when Jesus began to walk. And then to learn his way around the house and St. Joseph’s workshop, Jesus surely learned from both Mary and Joseph. How amazing is it that these Saints were able to help the Son of God learn his role in the Holy Family?! And how lucky we are to have these same Saints to show us the beauty of being a holy parent.

Parents – Who has been your inspiration as a parent? What did you learn from your parents or your in-laws that you are able to pass along?

Children – What have you learned from your parents? What have you learned from your grandparents? Some day, if you are a parent, what do you want your children to never forget?

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