Acronyms for your Articles

A catchy way to remember the basic rights of Americans

The Constitution

The Constitution was established in 1789, and includes seven main articles of governing. Over time, twenty-seven amendments have been added, but the basic idea of freedom and equality remains the same. It's most famous section, the Preamble, immediately establishes the purpose of the government: a body for the protection of the rights of the people.
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It's many articles and their components can be difficult to remember, however, so we've composed a few mnemonic devices to help you recall...

For example: Lily Eats Jelly, Steak, And Some Raisins

Each bolded letter signifies a key element in a certain article. In this case, the L in Lily symbolizes Legislature, which is the central theme in Article I. Likewise, E signifies Executive in Article II, J for Judicial in Article III, and so on.

The articles are, as follows:

(I) Legislature

(II) Executive

(III) Judicial

(IV) States

(V) Amendments

(VI) Supreme Law

(VII) Ratifying

A few other examples of mnemonic devices:

1. Let's Eat Jelly Sandwiches And Sugar Rolls

2. Lazy Elephants Jump Slowly And Sleep Regularly

3. Little Elves Jumped Santa And Santa's Reindeer