Whose to blame for the death

Who's to blame

Both families are to blame for the death of Rome and Juliet's. This if because of the feud between the families. Romeo and Juliet had to keep the love a secret because the families hated each other."To Strike him dead, I hold it not a sin" (1.5.57). This is stating that the Montague and the Capulet are wanting one another dead. The second reason that the families are to blame is because the leader of the Capulet were forcing Juliet to marry Pairs so she had to go to the friar for help making it seem like she was dead making romeo this she was dead so he killed himself and Juliet killed herself cause romeo was dead. "Prepare her, wife, against this wedding-day" (3.5.31). This is showing Capulet talking to Paris about how Juliet is sad so she should get married to make her seem happy again which ends up as Juliet dead. So all of this shows that both families are at fault for the deaths.
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A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember is about Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan two kids madly in love just like romeo and Juliet. Yet just like Romeo and Juliet they had a few problems. One was Landon Carter was threaten with explosion from his school for drinking and hurting a kid on school ground. Just like Romeo, Landon was getting push away from his love because Romeo was banished and Landon is getting expelled. Not long after Jamie Sullivan was sent to the hospital. Although neither of them die they do not stay together because Landon is accepted to medical school and Jamie was stuckat the hospital. So Although no one dies like Romeo and Juliet it is still a love story between two kids and just like Romeo and Juliet A Walk To Remember has a sad ending.
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If you watch the video Payphone then you will see that the man works at a bank with a women he loves. As the bank is being robbed he grabs a gun and grabs the girl and does whatever it takes to keep her safe. Just like in Romeo and Juliet this man is trying to get the girl and is doing anything to get her and will do anything for her. As in Romeo and Juliet Romeo was willing to kill himself to be with Juliet.
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