#Edmodochat Thursday 7:00 pm EST

Topic: Digital Safety

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Digital Safety

Q1: How do you or your school district define digital citizenship?

Q2: What are the essentials that we need to teach kids in order to be safe in our digital world?

Q3: What advice would you give teachers who are considering adding Digital Safety to their lessons?

Q4: What technology guidelines do you use to determine what digital citizenship content you teach? ISTE? State mandated?

Q5: What are some good resources that you use for your classroom and to share with student's family?

Q6: How can we ensure digital safety among the student population? with BYOD? 1:1 iPads?

Q7: What do you do when students choose not to follow the digital safety rules of Edmodo?

Q8: Once a school has completed a Digital Citizenship curriculum, how can they review and refresh the material each year to keep the content engaging and relevant?

Q9: How do you encourage students to be aware of their digital footprint?
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